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Jason M. Burks, MBA

 Colorado Springs, CO.

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The purpose of a resume is to establish yourself as a viable candidate for the job you are seeking. You made the right decision to get a professional resume writer to help, but how can Veteran Mentors help you land the job you want? There is a widespread misconception that a resume is about you- It is not! A resume is a document that matches your unique skillsets to the job you want. If you are a recent graduate- Welcome! If you are tired of your existing role and need a new challenge- Welcome! If you are exiting the military and need a fresh perspective from someone that’s been in your boots- Welcome! YOUR skillsets are valuable; you know it and so do the ones that know you best. But what about the people who haven’t had a chance to appreciate you? What about all the missed career opportunities that you were perfect for? I am here to help you elevate your skillsets so you can show hiring managers your worth. You owe it to yourself to show them you are not just another candidate- You are the perfect candidate! -We Must Grow.


  • Effective Communicator

  •  Expert Resume Writer

  • Team Player

  • Active Participant

  • Confidant

  • Friend

  • Networker

  • Active Listener

  • Teacher & Mentor

  • Skill Identifier

  • Lifelong Learner

  • Loyal Supporter 

Professional Experience

Veteran Mentors – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jan 2021 – Present

#1 Supporter

Responsible for ensuring every client lands the job they envision by listening to their unique skillsets while considering their career trajectory. Shows each client how to break unproductive job search habits, identify their strengths and get out of their own way.

  • Optimizes LinkedIn profiles, improves awareness of professional branding, and provides complimentary professional headshots.

  • Inspires each client to conquer their anxiety surrounding the job search while guiding them to make appropriate and positive decisions through effective career exploration.

  • Takes great pride in seeing clients reach their objective.

  • Remains committed to every client to ensure they are 100% satisfied with their finalized resume.

You - Anywhere you are at. 
Birth – Present


Made the decision to make a small step towards bettering future. Stopped listening to peers, naysayers and haters stuck in the same career. Realized a resume is the missing link between the status quo and reaching a higher calling. 

  • Plays to individual strengths, possesses realistic expectations; sets goals and achieves them.

  • Highly capable individual: changes and adapts based on the environment and individual needs; listens to gut and prioritizes themselves, their families and loved ones. 

  • Realizes progress and advancement are possible through courage, focus, trust, and a determination to grow.


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS)

Master of Business Administration/ Innovation Management


University of Phoenix

Bachelor of Science Psychology



Support Inititaives

Veteran and Military Student Affairs UCCS

Boots to Suits (entrepreneur) Program Mentor


Resume Reviewer

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