My name is Jason Burks, but you can call me JB. I am an optimistic and empathetic guy. Helping people is my calling- It ENERGIZES me. 

I have to pinch myself sometimes because I get to do what I love! Do you feel what I mean?


Have you worked with someone that builds your resume with you? Someone that listens and genuinely wants you to succeed?? I have helped hundreds of great people land life changing careers and let me tell you something... I never get tired of hearing the words "JB I got the job"! 


I build highly compelling, ATS friendly, tailored resumes. I work with senior executives, people transitioning into new industries, graduates and more. If you need a job yesterday, are "stuck", or have a special circumstance then let me know- let's talk. Let's figure things out. Resumes can get very personal- Thats ok! I am here to help but I cannot help if you don't fill out the form.